Our first Cedar Class assembly is Friday 11th November!

Please see below for all of our songs/ dance tracks for our class assembly.

I have also attached the lyrics for the songs and the script below. Your homework this week is to practise these songs, as well as any lines ready for next week. We still have a few wolf lines to sort out, but we will do this next week.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend,

Chloe, Lule, Irene and Shona x


Singing In the Rain- dance:

(00:00-00:15) All: Pretend to be a robot that hasn’t been turned on yet

(00:15-00:20) All: Wake up slowly by lifting head


                        Lucy’s family/ narrators: ‘policeman’ bobbing and nodding heads

                        Wolves: cross arms, open arms, up/ down

(00:36-00:42) All: Get ready for growl

(00:43-00:58) All: Growl to the left, then the right x4

(00:58-1:12) All: Growl left left, then right right x4

(1:13-1:26) All: Teapot side-to-side

(1:26-1:42) All: Big smile and wave hands side-to-side


It’s a Wolf! Song- lyrics below and backing music:

It’s a wolf


Little Talks- our new song added today by Coren:

Little Talks



The Wolves in the Walls Assembly Script