At Kentish Town Church of England Primary School and Nursery, our curriculum is designed to enable children of all abilities to:

·     Read well and for pleasure; we believe reading to be the “golden thread” which unlocks learning;

·     Write with creativity and control, enabling our children to express themselves;

·     Work with fluency and confidence in maths, relishing opportunities to solve problems;

·     Love learning and seek challenge in all areas of the curriculum.

We strive for our children to know all that London has to offer and for them to be enriched by the sporting, cultural and artistic opportunities on their doorstep.

We aim for our children to access their rights as laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and grow into fulfilled citizens who understand the spiritual values of Love, Equality and Compassion.

We teach our children to understand the model of the Good Samaritan, going the “extra mile” for others.

Curriculum Maps – 2022/3

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Nursery (Acorn Class)

Reception (Oak Class)

Year One (Ash Class)

Year Two (Willow Class)

Year Three (Cedar Class)

Year Four (Sycamore Class)

Year Five (Chestnut Class)

Year Six (Beech Class)