Black History Month at KTS.

Each Class created their project based on a Black British Icon.

Beech Class chose Reni Eddo Lodge.

Chestnut Class chose Malorie Blackman.

Sycamore Class chose  The Ivory Bangle Lady ( a black Romano – British woman).

Cedar Class chose Nicola Adams.

Willow Class chose  Marcus Rashford.

Ash, Oak and Acorns chose Claudia Jones. Their project was to make musical instruments that reflected the tunes of Carnival. We also celebrated by having a Carnival with craft  activities, music dancing and delicious food.

All the projects were displayed and all classes were able to view each others’ work in a gallery format.

Parents were also invited to attend the Gallery and see all the amazing projects.

Everyone who created a project worked really hard and should be as proud of themselves as they were of the person they did their projects about.

We have all learnt so much and had fun doing it !