The school’s approach to equal opportunities

Our school serves a diverse inner city area. Pupils come to our school with a wide variety of experience. It is the responsibility of all staff, governors and children to respect and acknowledge this diversity and to address the different needs of all learners through offering a broad and balanced curriculum. The school’s Inclusion Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and Racial Equality Policy are detailed working policies, which are too long to include in full here, but they are available at the school office.

The Inclusion Policy identifies areas where opportunities may not be equal, such as race, gender, class, and disability. It then identifies the strategies the school is using to promote more equal opportunities for all.

Systems are continually being put into place to help us to:

  • identify those for whom opportunities are not equal
  • implement appropriate interventions
  • monitor and evaluate the situations which arise so that they are not repeated
  • determine that the systems are working
  • modify or develop out-of-date or unworkable systems.

Inclusion is at the heart of all school policies.

Strategies for identifying and monitoring equal opportunities are built into other school policies. There is a review system for all staff members to enable them to raise issues and concerns they may have. Some systems which we use at the moment are:

  • Infant and Junior playground books (monitored weekly)
  • Rights Respecting School Council meets fortnightly
  • Bully Box (monitored weekly)
  • Suggestion Box (monitored weekly)
  • Systems for communicating incidents to whole staff
  • Raising awareness of issues in class and in assemblies
  • Racist and Homophobic Incidents (reported termly to LA and Governing Board)