Collective Worship

As a church school we hope and expect that all families who choose this school recognise and support the important part that religious education and daily collective worship play in the life of the school.

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Kentish Town C E Primary School gives a high priority to the spiritual development of everybody in the school community. It exerts no pressure to believe, however, Christian values are built into its ethos and teachings. Collective worship forms a central part of each school day. Acts of worship are Christian in nature and are structured to provide an opportunity for reflection on a variety of aspects of life for all children.

Parents do have the right, if they wish, to request that their child is withdrawn from our collective worship. Alternative provision will be made. We invite parents with a concern in this area to discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

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Religious Education (R.E.)

Religious Education at Kentish Town C E School is rooted in a Christian ethos of reverence, nurture and mutual care. Belief on the part of the individual is not assumed. RE in the school is governed by the same educational principles that apply to all other areas of the curriculum. It seeks to introduce children to the world of religion and spirituality in ways that preserve the integrity of both the child and the religion, mindful of the diverse ethnic and religious make-up of the school community.

At Kentish Town C of E Primary School we believe that it is crucial for children to have knowledge and understanding of major religions, not only to grow in their own faith, but to live peacefully and harmoniously alongside others in school and in the wider community.

Copies of the school’s policies for Collective Worship and Religious Education are available from the school office on request.

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