Curriculum Statement


National Curriculum Statement

At Kentish Town CE Primary, our curriculum is based on the belief that every child should be provided with an equal opportunity to take ownership of and become masters of their own learning.

All children should have access to a curriculum that is inspiring,  stimulating and appropriate to their level of ability. This will enable them to develop a love of learning. We believe that every child is capable of reaching their full potential.

We enable our children to achieve their full potential by:

  • having a structured and well-paced creative curriculum that demonstrates year on year progression
  • supporting children in the development of their skills of investigation, experimentation and application of their thinking
  • providing children with rich and deep questioning that probes their understanding of key concepts, skills and ideas
  • ensuring that children confidently produce work and statements in different ways which demonstrate their learning and progression
  • seeking to enrich every child’s learning by providing them with access to the world class cultural institutions available to them in London.

Summer 2021 Curriculum Maps

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