We love outdoor learning in Oak Class! We learn about the natural world and the seasons, as well as developing our physical, creative and social skills.

Simply taking note of the changes we observe in our outdoor area is fascinating for the children. The way the leaves and the trees change, the different seeds that fall from the trees and plants, noticing plants grow and the changes in the weather. These early explorations and link-making are actually very scientific!

Getting physical and having a good run around outside always makes us feel great! We love to run in the big playground, climb the logtangle, chase and race, play games like “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” build obstacle courses to climb along, play football and practice bat and ball skills.

Outside, the children’s imaginations can grow freely. The children enjoy scavenging ingredients to use in their mud kitchen recipes, wondering where the minibeasts they find would like to live best, developing imaginative role play games and building dens and bases. These experiences are enjoyable in their own right, but we often use them as a springboard for writing opportunities. Children are much more excited to write when it is meaningful to them like this.

A lot of what we do outside is collaborative; working together to stir the muddy mixtures, to build the den, to come up with plans, to share the wonder of the small things we notice and observe! Outside, as inside, we continue to develop an understanding of how to work with our peers, to regulate our emotions and to build our self-confidence.

As they say “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. You’ll find us outside in all weather, wrapped up in the winter, wellies on in the puddles and sunhats in the sunshine!