Writing Week

To promote writing at Kentish Town, we celebrated all the different jobs that involve writing. We invited parents into the school to talk about their jobs and how they use writing to help them.

We welcomed Brad and Negan to talk about songwriting with Year 2 and Year 6. Hannah came to talk about writing for academic journals and fact checking and researching. We had parents who talked about writing press releases, scriptwriting and blogging. A hug thank you to all the parents who helped us learn about the different professions that involve writing.

We also welcomed two authors that told us about their books and how to write. Lawrence Prestidge told us about his book, ‘Terror at the Sweet Shot’ and Faustin Charles used oral storytelling to tell us the story of ‘The Selfish Crocodile.’

Children were encouraged to write and draw all week, they even took pens and chalk to the playground floor…

Article 29: You have the right to an education that develops your talents and abilities.