The right to a safe place to live (Article 27)

As part of Save the Children’s Den Building Day, Cedar learned about why children and their families would need to build temporary shelters around the world.  They thought about children affected by war, earthquakes, floods and tornados and the rights that the children would not be able to access as a result. Cedar talked about how children around the world have the right to be protected from harm (A19) and also have the right to have their basic needs met and to be alive (A6). They decided a very important one was the right to a safe place to live (A27)

After the discussion, they talked about the different ways to join and tie materials together. They practised tying pencils together with knots too. Following this, they worked in house teams to build their own tepee shelters. They had bamboo sticks, ropes, string and different pieces of material. Lots of fun was had as they built their tepees, made them comfortable and visited each other’s dens!

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