Takeover Day 2019

Last Friday was Takeover Day! This was an opportunity for the children to take on many different adult roles of responsibility within the school. The aim of Takeover Day is to give the children opportunities to make decisions and inspires children to share their views and opinions for everyone to hear. As a Rights Respecting School, our children’s views and opinions are always listened to and we encourage all our children to access their rights.

Poppy and Adam (Year 6) came to school very early in the morning and led the Staff briefing.

Straight after the Staff briefing they braced the cold and greeted the children at the front gate.

Oscar, Queenie and Sophie (Year 4) took on James’s role and led the morning assembly by welcoming the Ash class parents during assembly, introducing and thanking the children and parents and sharing their thoughts. They even presented the children with their maths challenge medals (Article 12) .

At lunchtime, Jaber, Oscar , Annabel and Harriet (Year 4) helped Saul in the kitchen and served the salads in the salad bar. Thus making sure the children were able to access their right to healthy and nutritious food (Article 24) .

Year 4 took over from Jimmy to help manage the school site, and made sure that all the children in the were safe and protected (Article 24). Year 4 and Year 5 also took turns to work in the office, taking over from Pam and Sarah and even took over from Wendy in the playground and did playground duty.

Cedar Class (Year 3) took over from the support staff in Nursery and Reception and made sure that all of the children were accessing the different areas of the Early Years curriculum by reading to them, playing with them and giving them 1:1 support on the writing and making tables (Article 28).

The Year 3 children also gave Marcia a bit of a rest and helped her by taking all of the photos on these pages!

We had an amazing day and really enjoyed ourselves. We also took some time to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to be able to access our rights everyday.