Takeover Day

On the 20th November, children at Kentish Town adopted key roles, taking over from the staff to celebrate Takeover Day. Takeover Day puts young people into decision-making positions and encourages organisations and businesses to hear their views. As a Rights Respecting School, our children’s views and opinions are always listened to and we encourage all our children to access their rights. On Friday 20th November, however, things looked a little different, when the children took over the school…..

Rocco from Year 6 took over from James and helped to organise and run the staff briefing in the morning. He was even allowed to come into the staffroom because he was an honorary member of staff for the morning.

He was then joined by Louis (Year 3), Aman (Year 6) and Alice (Year 5) to help welcome the children into school in the morning and stand on the gate.

Bertie (Year 6), Francis and Jannat (Year 3) and Inaya (Year 5) welcomed the Oak class parents during assembly, introducing and thanking the children and parents and sharing their thoughts. (Article 12).

At lunchtime, Cedar Class (Year 3) took over the serving of the salad and the dessert. They ensured all the children were accessing their right to healthy and nutritious food (Article 24).

Martha even served the ketchup.

Throughout the day, the children did a range of different roles in classes. The took over from Jimmy to help manage the school site, ensuring that all children are safe and protected (Article 24). They worked in the office, taking over from Pam and Sarah and even took over in the playground… doing playground duty.

They took the register, read stories, helped line children up for lunch and monitored behaviour – some even awarded house points. Poor Irene was sent to detention, and four children from Year 6 ensured that she reflected on her behavior :)

What a fantastic day we all had! At Kentish Town, we ensure that all children know about their rights according the UNCRC (Article 1) and we all feel very lucky to live in a country which teaches children about their rights and ensures that all children have a voice (Article 12).

If you have any questions about the UNCRC, you can speak to our Rights Respecting Council or look around our school for articles which will explain our rights.