Exploring Greek Temples at the British Museum

Cedar have been to the British Museum to learn about Greek Gods and Temples.
We had an interesting workshop where we learned the architectural phrases for Greek temples: ionic, doric, frieze, pediment, columns. We discussed which materials would be appropriate for the different parts of temples. We thank the British museum team for helping us to access Article 28: you have the right to a good education!

Then we used laptops to budget our very own temple designs and simulated our buildings!

After that we went to the galleries on a God hunt! We were surprised to find Zeus quite tricky to find but Dionysus (God of wine and theatre) was on lots of jugs…

Finally we walked in awe through the remnants of Athena’s Parthenon and spotted the presents in the frieze crowd that the people had prepared for her. We practiced our new found vocabulary and temple knowledge when sketching (article 29: You have the right to develop your talents and abilities).