Cedar’s Advice Videos!

Cedar has been learning about Buddhism (Article 14: you have the right to follow your religion.)

We have listened to lots of different stories that Siddhartha used to teach Buddhist people how to live their lives.
The story of the King’s Elephant taught us about how to set a good example and we decided to set a good example ourselves and created advice videos for younger children. In groups we came up with something we would like to share. We planned and filmed a bad example of what NOT to do, then a good example that we would like other people to follow!

We accessed our right to Article 12: The right to share our opinions and be listened to and we hope you enjoy our advice.

Password: Cedar

(Be kind) – Jack, Harry and Etienne

(Sharing) – Lily, Julia, Loren and Honor

(Tucking in your chair) – Milan, Alfred and Jamie

(No hitting) – Matilda, Daphne and Gabriela

(Lining up) – Sameeha, Isra and Arios

(On the carpet) – James, Charlotte, Liam and Victor


(Antibullying) – John, Arthur and Sonny

(AntiBullying) – Manu, Paul, Daniele and Zakeen