Cedar and Sycamore Ancient Greek Extravaganza

Cedar and Sycamore has had a visitor from Ancient Greece! We listened whilst Dionysus told us many stories and myths and took part as Gods and Titans. We also discovered some of the differences between Athens and Sparta. Ask us what the origin of the word honeymoon is!
We tried our hand at a strategy game the Greeks used to play capturing token from the opposing team. Then we took an Ancient Greek quiz and learned new facts. We even did some maths and tried to solve Archimedes’ maths puzzle—the Stomachion.

In the afternoon we practised being Hoplites (soldiers), roaring and marching in formation and had a taste of what it would be like to be part of the early Olympic games as Athens versus Sparta.

We accessed our right to get information to the fullest (A17) and had fun doing it too! (A31 – The right to rest and play)