What are you excited about for Year 6?

The new Beech Class…

As you all know, this time 20 (yes 20) years ago, I was getting ready to go into Year 6 myself. I spent that Summer holiday of 1996 with my family in Devon and I remember listening to a new band called The Spice Girls (I may have mentioned them to you?).

More importantly, I also remember feeling a little bit nervous but really excited about going into my last year of primary school and all the things you get to do.

So this blog is for you to share what you’re most excited about as it’s now your turn to become Year 6 and experience all the great (and sometimes challenging) things that come with being the top of the school.

Really looking forward to seeing you all next week.


PS. Prizes on the first day back if you can remember who my favourite Spice Girl is.